Roof Cleaning & Painting

Professional Roof Cleaning, Painting & Restoration

If your roof is starting to look aged, dirty or is showing signs of moss buildup, it may be time to have it professionally cleaned & restored.

More often than not, your roof tiles are still structurally sound, and the buildup of dirt & moss is purely aesthetic, but if left, can eventually lead to erosion and even leaks. A clean roof is also a great way to give your home a quick and affordable makeover to restore it to it's former glory.

Our team of experts carry out cleaning & restoration roof services daily, and have done for over 45 years, so you can rest assured that you're roof is in good hands, and should any problems arise, we have a proven track history of guaranteeing our work and our reputation precedes us.




How we Work When Cleaning Your Roof

Once a preliminary assessment is carried out, and a quotation agreed to, we would erect secure scaffolding to protect your surrounding areas from any debris, then carry out any repairs needed before cleaning, applying an anti fungal spray and restoring your tiles with paint in a choice of colours with PremFlex Ultimate Roof Tile Paint & Sealer.


Key Features & Benefits of PremFlex Ultimate Roof Tile Paint & Sealer

  • Premium, highly durable roof tile paint and sealer
  • Designed to last for 12 years
  • Advanced high-bond, acrylic polymer coating system
  • Heavy-duty, easy-clean satin finish.
  • High build formula.
  • Roof tile sealant and colour restoration in a single product.
  • UV light resistant to stop the colour from fading.
  • Excellent resistance to cracking, flaking and blistering.
  • Waterproof and great weather resistance.
  • Breathable, Flexible fully acrylic formula.
  • Excellent colour retention.



Our Preferred Premium Supplier 

PremFlex Ultimate Roof Tile Paint & Sealer - High Performance is a single pack, quick-drying, low odour paint and sealer based on an advanced high-bond, acrylic polymer resin which means maximum adhesion, high durability and great, long-lasting colour retention. 

As your roof ages, it will start looking dull, tired and faded. The British weather is notoriously harsh on untreated roofs, weather like rain, sleet, snow and frost will overtime make your roof less water-resistant allowing algae, lichens and moss to develop. This is where PremFlex Ultimate Roof Paint comes in, it will enhance the roof, bringing back all the lost colour, making the roof look as if it was just installed while also fully resealing and waterproofing the surface providing protection against previously mentioned algae, lichens and moss. 

This paint offers damage-resilience, lasting flexibility and waterproofing. It is designed to let out water and moisture for long-term protection against the harsh conditions of the British weather, preventing weather damage for the worst the weather has to offer. 

Available in a range of colours, this paint is ideal for any renovation project, or to protect roof tiles from serious damage while simultaneously restoring colour from faded tiles.

  • All our work is guaranteed
  • We offer free, no obligation estimates.
  • No job is too big or too small.
  • We've been established for over 40 years.


We will ensure all surfaces are sound, dry and clean, free from dust and any loose or flaking paint.

If the area has any green moss, algae or lichens, it's recommended to apply a good quality roof cleaner containing a biocide to kill the growths before application to ensure proper removal.

We then pressure wash the surface ensuring the roof is totally clean, dry and free from moss, algae or lichen spores.

Colours Available 

Light Grey, Battleship Grey, Charcoal Anthracite, Black, Rustic Red, Terracotta, Brown, Green and all standard RAL and BS colours if ordered in bulk.

Click here to view the colour chart.

Suitable Substrates 

This coating is fine for use on concrete roof tiles, concrete, clay roof tiles (except rosemary tiles), cement fibre, artificial slate and asbestos sheets & tiles.

Why Choose Us?

All Work Guaranteed

All our repair work is guaranteed for 5 years, flat roofs guaranteed for 10 years and new roofs guaranteed for 15 years.

No Obligation Estimates

We offer free, no obligation quotes on all jobs. Our track record means we can always give the most accurate estimate with confidence.

No Job Too Big Or Small

We can assist with any roof related work, whether it be a completely new roof, or you just need somebody to clean those leaves out of your gutter, we can help.

Roofing Experts since 1976

Established in 1976 by Keith Badger, today the company comprises of his two sons as the managing directors and estimators, with a dedicated reliable team as the primary workforce.

  • All our work is guaranteed.
  • We offer free, no obligation quotes.
  • No job is too big or too small.
  • Secured bby £10M of public liability insurance.
  • Over 40 years of trading history.

We're one of the few roofing companies still trading under our original name, because on the very rare occasion a customer has encoutnered any kind of problem with a job, we always strive to rectify the issue and ensure customer expectations aren't just met, but exceeded.

Providing Quality Roof Installations And Repairs Since 1976.