Lead Roofing

Lead Roofing Contractors – Get the job done properly... and relax!

Despite its cost, weight and expense, lead still delivers invaluable and unbeatable weather protection to a range of traditional buildings. As well as a roof covering it can be used for guttering, flashing and even as a sturdy 'bridge' to seal difficult junctions.

We're your expert local lead roofing contractors. We create lovely, hand crafted lead roofs and gutters in the traditional way, bringing all our craftsmanship and expertise to bear to deliver the very best Essex lead roofing. It's waterproof, weatherproof and extremely flexible, making it an ideal material... when the job's done properly. You need lead roofing contractors who know their stuff. That's us!

  • All our work is guaranteed
  • We offer free, no obligation estimates.
  • No job is too big or too small.
  • We've been established for over 40 years.

Flashings – Skilled work by experienced experts

Lead sheets are coded differently depending on weight. We know exactly what weight to use for each job, from listed and historic roof repairs to smart, durable lead flashings. Working with lead has serious safety implications too, so you need an expert on the job. Yes, it can be moved around by hand. But you need to have the training to do it safely or risk serious accidents and injury. We're totally committed to health and safety excellence, so with us you'll have no worries on that score. Lead can survive on a roof for centuries but it's soft. As a result it can creep and deteriorate, mostly where there are joints. We know exactly what to look for.

Lead Roof Repairs – Delivering roofing excellence since 1976

Now and again a lead roof can deteriorate from below rather than above. The reasons for this aren't 100% clear but there's research going on at the moment. Either way, we know what to look out for here too. Corrosion can be an issue, with condensation the culprit, and there are various ways to ensure this doesn't happen. As you can imagine lead roof repair is no job for an amateur, let alone the cowboys! Call us in for expert lead roof laying, lead roof repairs, lead roof patching and more. And if you want testimonials, just ask – we're more than happy to let you loose on our customer comments. People say some very nice things about our work and we're proud to have an excellent track record! 

Why Choose Us?

All Work Guaranteed

All our repair work is guaranteed for 5 years, flat roofs guaranteed for 10 years and new roofs guaranteed for 15 years.

No Obligation Estimates

We offer free, no obligation quotes on all jobs. Our track record means we can always give the most accurate estimate with confidence.

No Job Too Big Or Small

We can assist with any roof related work, whether it be a completely new roof, or you just need somebody to clean those leaves out of your gutter, we can help.

Roofing Experts since 1976

Established in 1976 by Keith Badger, today the company comprises of his two sons as the managing directors and estimators, with a dedicated reliable team as the primary workforce.

  • All our work is guaranteed.
  • We offer free, no obligation quotes.
  • No job is too big or too small.
  • Secured bby £10M of public liability insurance.
  • Over 40 years of trading history.

We're one of the few roofing companies still trading under our original name, because on the very rare occasion a customer has encoutnered any kind of problem with a job, we always strive to rectify the issue and ensure customer expectations aren't just met, but exceeded.

Providing Quality Roof Installations And Repairs Since 1976.